How to wash and maintain furs

Sep 27,2022

1. Ash removal: The fur should not be washed frequently. If you want to take care of it after wearing it for a long time, you can buy a small brush. If you don't have a toothbrush, you can also use it. But you should use a soft brush that brushes along the texture of the fur from top to bottom. Then soak the towel in 30 degrees of warm water and soak it in water. Twist it to dry it. There is almost no water. Wipe it along the fur texture from top to bottom to remove the dust on the surface of the fur. Then blow it under the hair dryer. Note that the towel has almost no water, so you can blow it slightly, and then put it in the sun to remove bacteria. 2. Stains: If you accidentally get stains when wearing fur, such as oil stains, tea stains, beverages, alcohol, etc., you can use a small amount of detergent to dissolve the water for darker fur, and gently brush the stains with a small soft toothbrush. After removing the stains, immediately use a small toothbrush dipped in water to wash them, and then use a facial tissue paper to absorb the water, and then dry them with a hair dryer, and then dry them in the sun. If it is light colored fur, such as white, beige, pink, etc., be careful. If the stain area is larger, first wet the stain with cotton swab dipped in water, then rinse it with cotton swab, gently wipe the stain, wipe it twice with facial tissue paper, then replace it after dyeing, and continue the above operation until all the stains are removed. The light color is afraid of pollution. Be careful, otherwise the beautiful fur will be dyed.

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