Wuxi Aike: integrate the concept of ecological and environmental protection to create bionic fur comparable to animal fur


Guided by China Textile Industry Federation and sponsored by Textile and Garment Weekly magazine, the China Fabric Star survey has been held for 11 consecutive times, and more than 2000 well-known fabric enterprises across the country enthusiastically participated. In order to further discover and promote excellent fabric enterprises, and effectively build a professional service platform for accurate docking between upstream and downstream of the industry, we are launching the [Star Promotion] column. Through the interview with fabric enterprises participating in this review, we help the majority of excellent fabric enterprises to expand brand awareness and improve the competitiveness of new products.
Founded in 2020, Wuxi Aike Plush Technology Co., Ltd. has formed an annual production capacity of 4 million meters of warp knitted, weft knitted bionic fur and plush sports fabric. Zhou Wenjuan, the technical director of the company, said that the company, guided by meeting customers' consumption needs, cooperated with upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain and relevant professional institutions to innovate, and jointly studied raw and auxiliary materials, processing technology, fashion trends and other aspects, so that Wuxi Aike fabrics can form core advantages in ecological environment protection, clothing performance, fashion and other aspects, accurately implement exclusive development and services for customers, and seek common development.
Zhou Wenjuan, Technical Director of Wuxi Aike Plush Technology Co., Ltd
Q: What are the current product types of Wuxi Aike?
Zhou Wenjuan: The current product types of Wuxi Aike mainly include warp knitted, weft knitted bionic fur and plush sports fabrics. The new products launched this year are mainly divided into two categories: one is warp knitted imitation animal hair, such as imitation fox hair, imitation mink hair, imitation wool, etc., and the other is weft knitted jacquard products. The design idea is to apply to the field of women's casual clothing, integrating popular colors into fashionable patterns, and the style is dominated by imitation mink and particles. At present, the market response is quite good.
Q: As a participant in this year's China Fabric Star survey, what products and highlights will Wuxi Aike bring?
Zhou Wenjuan: In this year's China Fabric Star survey, Wuxi Aike participated in five fabrics, two of which are warp knitted fabrics and three of which are weft knitted jacquard fabrics.
Among the two kinds of warp knitted fabrics, one is imitation fox hair, which makes use of the compression resistance advantage of polyester to make collar hair products with high weight, and the other is imitation mink fabric, which has a smooth and three-dimensional feel through special processing, and is suitable for clothing fabrics.
The three weft knitted fabrics are all jacquard products, which integrate popular colors into new patterns, and the appearance style is perfect, which is suitable for women's fabrics.
Q: What service systems does Wuxi Aike have to meet customers' personalized market demands?
Zhou Wenjuan: Personalized market demand mainly refers to small batch orders. For such products, Wuxi Aike Dyeing Workshop has set up a number of small sample tanks to specifically meet the production of samples and small batch orders. Small sample production is tracked by special personnel. The factory protects and manages the logo and pattern patents of customers.
Q: How do fabric enterprises view and respond to the current market situation and environment? What are the new initiatives?
Zhou Wenjuan: Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the market has been depressed and the consumption capacity has been weakened. Wuxi Aike has been aware of the existence of the crisis from top to bottom. To survive in the crisis, we should focus on the quality and quality of products. At the same time, we should have the awareness of energy conservation and consumption reduction in the process of production. Reduce production costs, improve product quality, and win with superior quality.
Q: What innovations do enterprises have in building supply chain integration?
Zhou Wenjuan: Cooperate with the upstream to jointly develop new raw materials with raw material suppliers. Select a design studio in the downstream to make fabrics into clothes, guide consumers and better understand the end use of products.
Q: What innovations and initiatives do enterprises have in terms of technology, fashion and green development?
Zhou Wenjuan: In terms of science and technology, fashion and green development, Wuxi Aike has the following innovative measures: first, focus on quality, efficiency and cost to build an innovation driven technology industry; Second, take brand as the starting point to build a culture led fashion industry; The third is to build a responsibility oriented green industry based on human responsibility, environmental responsibility and market responsibility. Open up resources and reduce expenditure, improve efficiency, strictly control quality, use renewable recyclable materials, and use degradable materials.
Q: What good suggestions do you have for the survey of China Fabric Star?
Zhou Wenjuan: The investigation activity of China Fabric Star, taking the market demand as the starting point and the combination of guided product development and terminal market application as the center, has brought together various excellent enterprises across the country, providing a platform for textile workers to learn knowledge, obtain new resources, know new friends and start new thinking.
Wuxi Aike is very honored to win many awards in the Fabric Star activity over the years. Through this platform, we can find inspiration for the company in the process of product development and contact other outstanding enterprises. It is hoped that through this platform, more people will know Aike, understand Aike and promote Aike's products.

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