Sheepskin common fur cleaning


Material: 95% alcohol: 200-250ml; Talcum powder: 500-1000g.
Washing method: cover the fur on the air model of the portrait, evenly atomize the alcohol solvent onto the quilt with an air spray gun, repeatedly rub the quilt with sponge dipped in powder, supplemented by light rubbing and fine kneading, clean the powder of the quilt with a brush, then blow the powder clean with an air spray gun, and dredge the quilt in a straight direction with a thin tooth comb.
1. Use a wide shoulder coat hanger to hang your fur.
2. Do not use the adhesive tape jacket, cover the mink coat, and use the silk jacket to cover it for storage. The cotton jacket with ventilation is also good.
3. If the fur is wet by rain or frost, wipe it with a dry towel first. Suck up the water, and then hang it in a cool and ventilated place for natural air drying. Never heat and bake or sun it in the sun. After the fur is dried in the sun, gently rub the leather to prevent it from hardening.
4. Do not modify or brush with a general comb without authorization. Use a special comb for combing fur.
5. Do not use ordinary methods to clean furs. You should regularly go to a professional fur shop to keep them clean and beautiful, usually once every two years.
6. Do not spray perfume on the fur and touch cosmetics, and do not put camphor pills and fragrances in the dust cover, because the fur has been treated to prevent insects and moths, so as to avoid chemical reaction and affect the fur quality.
7. Do not wear any ornaments on the fur.
8. Avoid carrying leather bags to avoid damage caused by friction between the strap and fur.

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