What kinds of furs are there


Classified by the hair and cortex of raw hides
1. Leptoderma
Mink skin (purple mink skin is preferred), chinchilla skin (blue violet, green autumn orchid mink skin), otter skin, sea dragon skin, snow sweeping mink skin, weasel skin, mugwort skin, grey rat skin, silver rat skin, muskrat skin, beaver skin, Doxy skin, etc.
Mink is known as "the king of fur" and "soft gold" abroad. The mink fur is thin, short and soft, with the characteristics of "the fur will be warmer when the wind blows, the snow will disappear when the snow falls, and the fur will not be wet when the rain falls".
The five families of mink include sable, flower mink, gauze mink, Taiping mink and mink. Most of the better mink hair comes from Europe and America. The density of the fur coat is high, and it is the main raw material for making mink coats. The domestic mink hair with low density is mainly used for making fur caps or collar cuffs.

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