What animal skin is fur on the market?


Fur is generally made from the skins of sheep, rabbits, foxes, minks, otters, rats, martens and other animals. It is a common mink skin. The skin of a rare and expensive animal, the sable, is delicate, soft and shiny, which not only has a good thermal effect, but also highlights the noble temperament. Fox fur is divided into blue, white, red, etc. Fox fur is fluffy and thick, light and soft, and the color is extremely fresh and beautiful.
In particular, the fur of red fox has a strong luster and looks very good after being made into fur. Wool skin can be divided into sheep skin and goat skin. Sheep skin is fine, dense, loose and textured. It is generally pure white, amber and brown gray. It is very beautiful. Goat fur is tight and thick, dense and tenacious, with clear roots. It can keep warm and resist cold wind. It is generally white, black, and cyan, and has luster.

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